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February 11, 2013 by SEO SAILOR

 SEO SAILOR provides sequential information about SEO and helps in getting high rank in search engines.It also provide SEO guidance about how you can optimize website with the help of SEO techniques.Before Submit the link we should aware from following points:-

Why Google is most important than other search Engines :–

Almost all people know there are many search engines like GOOGLE.COM, YAHOO.COM,  BING.COM,  ASK.COM and many more..But Google is the most prominent, most used, and most important of all these. Google is one of the top high ranking web search engine .If Google was not coming in a search engine market then it would be very difficult to get our required or needed important information relevant to our keyword search. Google uses many algorithms to rank the search result on SERP (Search engine result page).

Let we discuss on how Google Works:-

The ranking process of Google is of great concern. An automated software is used for reading, analyzing, comparing and ranking the web pages.Google only understand code and text, not human beings.

What is a Ranking?

Ranking refers to process of listing and relative placing of web pages for some search queries on a search engine. For Example if you type “affordable seo packages” in the search box at Google, a list will be displayed of those that seems to be most relevant to the desired search phrase.  The importance of the page also depends on factors like quality and quantity of links that point to the web page from other web sites.Following Diagram have show you position of your website at search engine.


Techniques to get high ranking in Google search engine: Google has obtained trust from users worldwide, so if anybody wants to get more traffic to their website means they need to follow some methods.

  • While Keywords Phrases used in webpage, website should have most commonly used words.
  • Update your website with unique content
  • Provide Footer links
  • Give Anchor Text
  • Should be proper Validation code of webpage
  • Should be CSS Navigation
  • Website should be free from all canonical issues like 301 redirect , 404 page error , SEO Friendly

Google always check following terms:–

  • Cloaking
  • Duplicate Content
  • Add only search phrases that Don’t connect with Your Content
  • Hide Text
  • Spread Mal-ware,Trojan viruses, or Other Bad-ware
  • Doorway Pages
  •  Link Exchanges and Bad Neighborhoods
  • Have a Robot Write Your Web Site
  • Meta Tags (Title tag,Description tag,Keyword tag etc..)

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