Website Analysis – Importance, Aspects and Benefits

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April 8, 2013 by SEO SAILOR

In recent time, website analysis tool is proving to be highly indispensable as it gives an opportunity to track the progress of a website and evaluate competitor’s website. By using this tool, it is not at all intricate to analyze that whether a specific website is recognized by eminent search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google or not. In addition to this, it becomes easy to identify that how much a site is discussed in social media sites. A detailed report is generated through which everyone can get an idea about how many individuals visit his website every day. A good analysis report allows to stay up to date with market trends.

Website analysis thoroughly studies the home page and checks whether it provides appropriate context for visitors or not. As per opinion of experts, in absence of website analysis any investment in SEO and PPC marketing is of no use. Sometimes, a website has poor user experience, low-quality inbound links and less organic exposure. To become aware about these issues, a thorough analysis is of the essence. Most of the time, a website faces various problems that affect its potential for reaching top search results. Website analysis is the best way to deal with such problems. Website analysis tool can analyze the effectiveness of advertising. It checks all structural elements of a site. For every search engine optimization campaign, web analysis is highly crucial.

Benefits of Website Analysis are as follows:

1)      Identify internal issues

2)      Help to find best keywords to target

3)      Analyzes on-page issues

4)      Enhance ranking and popularity of current site

There are few aspects of website analysis and these are mentioned below:

Links and Images

Internal links, outbound links and inbound links are of high significance. It is essential to ensure that a website does not have any broken or dead link. The most crucial factor to be kept in mind is that images utilized in a site must have proper text along with width and height attributes specified.

HTML Aspects

It is essential that HTML code of a website should follow W3C standards. Each and every page must have appropriate Meta Tags (Keywords and Description) and Title.

Unique content

Every website should have fresh and original content and keyword density should be less than 2%.

Through website analysis, everyone gets a chance to recognize weaknesses and strength of a website. Analysis must encompass Robots Meta tags, Robot .txt files and keyword usage. Before launching a website, it is imperative to analyze that what kind of site can fulfill business needs. With a content management system, it is not at all complicated to handle an e-commerce website. W3Perl is a free tool for record statistics, mail analysis, ftp and website analysis.


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