Several Seo software tools and their importance

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April 23, 2013 by SEO SAILOR

In modern world, demand of SEO software is tremendously increasing at a rapid pace. This software is proving to be a godsend for plethora of businesses. SEO software usually looks at those pages which rank on top pages of Google and examine all SEO parameters which can bring a website on first pages of major search engines. SEO software is highly effective and it compares, analyzes and reviews SEO software tools and gives comprehensive information to website owners so that they can enhance page ranking of their sites by increasing link popularity. By providing details about how to enhance website positioning, seo software tools help in making appropriate decisions during process of website optimization. Some of these seo software tools are:

Link exchange tool:

It helps in finding websites with exchange pages and submission forms. This tool evaluates partner or reciprocal links. When it comes to finding the websites that link to your competitors, this tool is considered as the best. To maintain your database of sell, buy or exchange links, this tool includes link management software.

Link popularity checker:

It is considered as the best seo software. It is highly effective and displays Google pagerank for every link that is found. In addition, also shows anchor text of each found page. It has ability to analyze websites of competitors and also checks inbound links utilizing results from various search engines.

Log Analyzer software:

Apart from reading zip-files, this software analyzes the log-files which are created by Apache and IIS servers. Besides this, it also analyzes visitor progress through the website and it reports total number of website visitors.

HTML Analyzer software tool:

It analyzes individual html-pages and their contents. It counts keywords on every page and gives their page density. It also aids in generating general site reports.

Site Analyzer software:

It finds broken or missing images, non-working links and bugs or errors in html code. It also helps in creating comprehensive report on website’s external links. The most impressive feature of this software is that it checks Google page rank value for each page.

Site Indexation:

It shows Google pagerank of pages that are indexed by prominent search engines such as MSN, Yahoo and Google.

Ranking Monitor software tool:

This software tool displays current position of a website and tracks changes of position also. It displays all database items in graphs and tables. It enables to view website pages that occupy good position.


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