SEO Strategy 2014: 7 SEO tips that works in 2014

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August 11, 2014 by SEO SAILOR

Hello Webmasters,

How’s going on? Hope you’re working well to achieve ranks for clients. As usual some of us may frustrate with low ranks because of continuously updating and changing ranking algorithms by search engines. And also all of them also continuously checking for techniques that are working well in 2014. So don’t worry here I’m going to share latest SEO strategy for 2014 that is working well and will also help to increase authority of your website.

7 SEO Tips

SEO Strategy 2014:

  1. Unique and Regular Content :
    Content is always king in SEO and its uniqueness adds more power to its worth. Use regular content in blog section of your website. As Google loves fresh content, So if your blog is updating regularly, then your site remains fresh in search engines.
  1. Get Rid of Duplication (Internal/External):
    Duplicate Content is the main reason of penalization by Google. Always use fresh and unique content. Don’t use unnecessary tags, categories that creating internal duplicate content on your website.
  1. Don’t make Unnatural(Spammy) Backlinks:
    Google Penguin is mainly target spammy and unnatural backlinks of any website while crawling its backlinks. So always create natural, Authorized backlinks, don’t get any low quality links from social bookmarking or directory sites. It will make your website, A spammy website and you will get penalized by Google Penguin Algorithm.
  1. Don’t Do Over Optimization:

    Always remember that over optimization is also a big reason for loss in ranking. So don’t do any over optimization for keywords to get rank quickly.

  2. Remove Bad Backlinks:

    You should analyze all the backlinks of your website and build a list of bad backlinks which can be harmful for your website ranking. Then remove these backlinks manually or by using Google Disavow tool.

  3. Social Signals:

    Google is now using social signals in its search algorithm. More Human social signals a website got, more its authority for Google increases, So use all major social networks like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest for increasing social interaction of a website.

  4. Loading Time and Responsiveness:

    Now Google also using site loading time and Mobile friendly layout in its search ranking algorithm, Matt Cutts also announced in SMX summit that 2014 will be year for responsive layouts and also our crawler will use website speed and its layout as a ranking factor while crawling a website.

So these above 7 steps a website should follow in 2014 to achieve high position in search results. If you have some other techniques also then please share your suggestion in comment box.


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